Retail Cloud is a one-stop solution for Retail Businesses. Being in the industry for more than decades, with our innovation and latest technology, the TechnoLabs retail cloud offers all-in-one retail POS software in India.
In addition to advanced POS, our innovations such as self-checkouts, digital commerce, queue busting, IoT outlet monitoring add few more colorful feathers to our cap. With our Retail Cloud, the Customer Experience is given new dimension. Eventually, all business processes are Customer Centric.
With a record of more than 5000+ installations in retail stores across the country which includes FMCG, Lifestyle & Fashion, Hypermarkets, F & B, and F n V, Retail Cloud strives to revolutionize the retail industry with record break technology segments.


Our vision is to create highly intelligent and robotized Retail Platform so that Retailers, Suppliers, and Customers collaborate and conduct their Business seamlessly. The best POS is just once small milestone in journey.


Our mission is to create the best and the biggest Retail Cloud on the planet, hence, we innovate new technologies and software solutions for the retail industry. We strive to provide the Cloud Services in such a way that Retailers need no IT team. What you need to do is just learn how to use the Retail Cloud services.

Business Categories:

Retail businesses of:

  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • FMCG
  • F & B
  • Hypermarket
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • White Goods
  • Pharma Retail
  • Wellness
  • Home Decor

In addition to POS that is with 100% availability, you can use the Cloud Platform to run your Brick & Mortar and Online Business. Our default Omni Channel Management Capabilities ensures seamless experience your Customers. The complexity of implementation with plethora softwares is just vanished.

Feathers in our Cap:

  • Self-checkout: We deliver innovative technology to all the retailers that their customers can do happy shopping by scan – pay-go. Our self-checkout model has both 100% automated and semi-automated options, leaving the customers to switch to self-checkout mode automatically by GPS detection. The buyers can do purchase just by scanning the products, pay through any electronic mode, and get verified at the exit, which leaves the retailers hassle-free billing with a long queue.
  • MPOS outlet management: MPOS outlet management makes the retail businesses ‘smart outlets’ wherein retailers can execute their retail chains hassle-free without wire, hardware set-up, and software. It allows the retailers to activate, monitor, and control their outlets remotely even they are off-premise just through their smartphones. We design our solution to with windows, android, and iOS devices seamlessly. You can also manage the door deliveries, footfalls & conversion, high-speed billing with no local server connection and it is just an end-to-end outlet operation through mobile devices.
  • Virtual Shopping: Virtual shopping is an essential one in this pandemic situation, which is a must-needed one for all. Our innovative technology provides the buyers with both animated & real-time shopping experience so that they can do shopping, check out by sitting in their living room and get the goods delivered at their doorsteps.

To the happiness of retailers, Retail cloud’s virtual shopping is designed for several retail sectors such as Fashion & Lifestyle, Footwear, FMCG, and F n V, also they can activate the service on their demands. Techno Labs Retail Cloud’s virtual shopping is unique, just experience it.

  • Customer Loyalty Services: Retail business is something customer-oriented and it must be customer-centric. Retail Cloud’s ‘customer loyalty services’ provide a unified customer’s view, wherein retailers can measure the program based on the below-appending parameters:

– Customers’ re-visits

– Customers’ feedbacks

– Customers’ Conversions & transactions

– Customers’ Behaviors & spending segments

– Customers’ Referrals

– Customers’ Family & friends

Thus, our Customer Loyalty Program helps retailers not only to retain their customers but also to engage with them. Accordingly through this service, retailers can reward their customers with below appending take-away:

– Loyalty cards

– Gift vouchers

– Customer referrals

– Membership cards

– Promo code coupons

Thus, we at Retail Cloud have no limitation for new innovative thoughts. We strive to deliver all-in-one Retail POS Software in India.