No Wire, No Server, No Software Licenses – Just Smart Outlets!!!

Retail Cloud delivers uninterrupted and secure access through the mobility platform. Retail Cloud’s POS software solutions not only leave outlets & warehouses wireless and smart but also provides Digital-Commerce platform that caters to the requirements of the online customers.


Started working with grand idea of creating the biggest Retail Cloud in year 2014.  We conceptualized, Architected, Developed and done Beta implementation in year 2017.  Then after there is no looking back. Now, customers cutting across Retail Business Verticals are accessing our Cloud.

As our mission to create the biggest Retail Cloud on the planet.  Now, we have Cloud that caters to 3600 requirement of Retail Business. Over period of time, we rolled out several niche technologies for Retail Sector. Self Checkouts, Virtual Shopping, Queue Busting, and Outlet Monitoring using IoT are unique to our Retail Cloud.


We offer Retail Automation services on SaaS basis. Retail Businesses can access one or more Services on monthly subscription basis. The Cloud Services are robotized in such a way that it hardly takes time to implement. Gone are the days of ERP where you need to plan, invest and implement for years together.

We continue to enrich our services so that it becomes the Platform Retailers.

Our Categories of Business

Appending below are the category of business, where you can use TechnoLabs Retail Cloud’s offer

  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • FMCG
  • F & B
  • Supermarket / Hypermarket
  • Retail Pharma
  • Wellness
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • White Goods
  • Home Décor
  • Meat Shops

The customer has to register with anyone of the above options, that suits his/her business, wherein the configuration & settings would vary depends on the nature of the business category.

What Retail Cloud Offers You?

Retail Cloud has the complete pack of self-serving services, wherein you require no hardware installations. You will have ownership of access and control over your data completely. Retail Cloud allows/offers you:

  • Configure & manage one or more Retail Stores & Warehouses
  • Configure & manage the Sales, Promotions, New Launches, Deals, Discounts/Offers & Gift Vouchers
  • Configure & Manage Customer Loyalty
  • Manage Inventory, Stock & Merchandise
  • Manage Sales, Order & Delivery
  • Track over the Orders & Shipment
  • Track over the Customer Purchase
  • Self Checkouts
  • Virtual Shopping
  • Queue Busting
  • Digital Commerce
  • Omni Channel Management

You can automate your business without internal IT team and you can have the eye-watch even you are off-the-premise just with your smartphone. Thus Retail Cloud can be recommended strongly as the best retail point of sale software in India.


Appending below are our USPs packed with innovative technology for perfect solutions:

  • Labeling to last-mile: You just can have seamless control over the retail business. Take control over Warehouse & distribution, outlet management & MPOS, outlet monitoring, commerce portal, customer app, campaign management, and customer loyalty.


  • Pay as you use: You can subscribe to a specific retail service that is easy to subscribe to and easy to use. You can also integrate with your existing software silos by accessing our API.


  • Capex, support & maintenance FREE: Retail businessmen do not need any expensive ERPs if they start work with Retail Cloud’s solutions. You require no Capex, as there is no need for any specific in-house IT infrastructure.


  • No wire, no server, and licenses: Just stay focused on your core business objectives. Retail Cloud’s POS solutions do not need any servers, and software licenses. It just works smart on offline mode and you can control your entire outlet along with operational tasks even when you are off-premise.


  • Omni channel management: It offers a unified experience to you in managing your retail outlets, sales personnel, other fulfillment orders, and to your customers. You can manage the promotions on all the channels (POS, online, mobile, social media) and can create sales conversion contexts too.


  • Self-checkouts: Retail Cloud’s innovative technology gives the customers a new shopping experience wherein the retail owners can use one single App for the entire outlet management. It enables virtual shopping to the customers, with self-check-out options and door delivery to the surprise.


  • Virtual Shopping: Apparel businesses can empower their Customers so they can do shopping right from their homes. They can view categories and products, interact with Sales Person, and have virtual Trials.


As trending in the retail industry, we strive to deliver a dynamic retail inventory management solution thus we keep everything ahead of the curve. Hence, Retail Cloud’s retail solutions have become the best retail point of sale software in India.