Stepping ahead to a new paradigm in brick & mortar retail software solutions

With modern technology, there is no more traditional and old style of customer approach in the retail business. Retail owners manage their stores, outlets & warehouses with Retail Cloud’s POS software solutions to ease their business in all the operational aspects.

No Wire, No Server, No Software Licenses – Just Smart Outlets!!!

Retail Cloud’s Brick & Mortar Retail Software Solutionsplays a key role in managing brick & mortar businesses. Retail Cloud’s motto of no aspect should hold the retail business back gets the business owners a super solution to execute their brick & mortar business smoothly.

Appending below are the major salient features of Retail Cloud’s Brick & Mortar POS solutions:
1. Key Functionalities of POS

  • GST Invoice
  • One touch screen
  • Instant calculation on each sales transaction
  • The facility of both online & offline billing
  • Can be able to adjust the Inventory data with each sale, when required
  • Can be able to balance the cash data automatically
  • Can be able to track Add-on Services along with the sales
  • Can be able to track Operators
  • Can be able to calculate the refunds, paid-outs and discount offers
  • It manages entire retail and its other service combinations cohesively

2. Inventory Management

  • Records and stores the data of entire brick & mortar products
  • It reminds you when you need to re-order your Inventory
  • It generates the bar codes & price labels and eases your workload
  • It helps you in analyzing the Sales and profit calculation
  • Helps you handy in Staff product usage and to manage Customer purchases
  • It automatically manages the Product lines

3. Customer Data Management

  • Reminds you on customer’s anniversaries, birthdays and other special events (which are entered in the system)
  • Helps you in sending SMS and emails to your customers for any new launch invites (individual customer wise)
  • Helps you in sending bulk SMS and bulk emails to your customers for any new launches, special offers, new schemes and much more
  • You can generate the Customer list by category wise
  • The system automatically reflect the Cash Back Offer in the billing, once you update in the backend
  • You can store &retrieve customer contact information and membership information
  • It helps you to track on customer feedbacks & notes
  • It automatically tracks the Account charges on billing segment
  • You can track customer’s first & last visit
  • You can have a complete view of real-time sales information
  • You can have a complete record on appointment history and preferences
  • It helps in tracking marketing campaigns and other relevant information
  • You can generate reports across all the customer activities

4. Warehouse Management

Retail Cloud’s brick and mortar retail software solutions help you to have complete records on:

  • Auto Indent and Special Indents
  • Specific Stock levels
  • Stock movements across multiple stores & regions
  • New Stock Inventory Data

Retail Cloud has the complete pack of self-serving services, wherein you require no hardware installations. You will have ownership of access and control over your data completely.

With modern techniques and the latest technology, we serve the retail industry with our uniquely designed POS software solutions. Keeping Retail Cloud apart from other contemporaries, we deliver the best to brick & mortar business modules.

Retail Cloud provides flawless and secure access even through the mobile platforms, wherein you can have a red-eye watch on your stores, outlets & warehouses either through tablet or smartphone. Go Digital and Be Smart!!!