Retail Cloud – Start Evaluation…

We encourage you to install, use and evaluate the Retail Cloud platform, Omni Retailer. It is not just about product brochures and presentations. The real understanding about the product happens when you put into use.

We presume that you already installed the software.
It is time, let us look at the following parameters while you start exploring the platform.

Evaluation Criteria

The Retail Cloud is highly Scalable and more than matched the performance requirements aganist of big chains that have hundreds of stories.

This is the Only Retail Cloud platform where likes of super Markets/Hyper Markets running without any local server

Evaluation Criteria

  • Innovation – That brings USP to your business from time-to-time. Keeps you ahead of others.
  • Simplicity – Softwares are meant for business users. No technical jargons and you can run your Retail Business without any internal IT team.
  • Features and Performance – Labelling to Last Mile. Explore the Cloud that is built for Retail Businesses.
  • Subject Matter Expertise – We remain your external CTO throughout your journey. Call us for any details and developments in Retail. We extend our expertise and guidance.
  • Implementation Time – We enable Retail Cloud services just in hours. You just need to give us your checklist and verify from your end.
  • 24X7 Support – We support you all the time.
  • Pay As You Use – Pay for what you need. Activate/Deactivate or Services as and when you need.
  • Your Data Security – We keep your business safe and secure. The best way to secure your data is, we don’t keep access with us.
  • 100% Available – With Online/Offline combination, we give 100% availability.

Let us measure now

We compared aganist of existing Retai Solutions. Both taditional and cloud varients. We encourage you to install,explore,compare and then take decision.

We continue to bring new technologies to Retail Sector. Our R & D team has been working on new intiatives like Wifi Cart,IoT Monitoring, Unmanned Outlets.

Let us measure now

Availability - 100%

Online ✔

Offline ✔


Txn Max Time: 2 Sec

Report Max Time: 5 Sec

Implementation Time

Min: 1 week

Max: 4 Week

Business Scope

Brick & Motor

Digital Commerce

Customer Experience

Outlet Monitoring

Self Checkouts

Virtual Shopping