Retail Cloud works on No Wire, No Server, and No Software Licenses – Just Smart Outlets!!!

Retail Cloud’s Fashion & Lifestyle POS Software in India is being vouched for most of the clients for its advanced technology that leaves the retail shop owners to breathe easy. We at Retail Cloud, offer the best cloud POS solutionsand give the retail shop owners a complete control to manage and operate the fashion & lifestyle patrons end-to-end.

Right from the accounting, warehouse management, outlet management, to maintaining a secure purchase, our Fashion & Lifestyle POS solution will take care. Added to that, our solution does also takes in-charge of stock updates, price revisions, barcode printing, inventory management, promotion plans, discount schemes, and other outlet’s daily chores. Moreover, Retail Cloud’s POS solution effectively handles complex tasks such as multi-location stock movements also.

Retail Cloud’s Fashion & Lifestyle POS Software in India

It helps to manage the tasks over inventory, track the orders, analyze the vendors’ performance, and calculate the sales. It also leverages you to find inventory movement on different attributes such as size, color, design, style, season, brand & much more and helps to replenish products to go on sale quickly. Moreover, our Retail Cloud’s Fashion & Lifestyle POS solution ease you the task of billing fast with no loss and you can have 100% control over the inventory.

Solution Highlights

Appending below are our POS highlights with innovative technology for perfect solutions.

  • Labeling to last-mile
  • Pay as you Use
  • Capex, Support, and Maintenance FREE
  • Omni-Channel Management
  • No wire, no server, and licenses
  • Self-checkouts
  • Virtual shopping

What Retail Cloud’s Fashion & Lifestyle POS Software in India Offers You?

Retail Cloud offers you a complete of self-serving services, in which you need no hardware and complex software installations. Leaving the entire ownership control in your hands, Retail Cloud’s POS allows you to:

  • Configure & manage one or more your Fashion & Lifestyle stores including warehouse control
  • Manage Sales, Price Revisions, Stock Movements, Promotions, Discount Schemes, Customer Loyalty Programs, Gift Vouchers and much more
  • Manage Inventory, & Order
  • Track over the Orders, Delivery, and Shipment
  • Track over the Customer Purchase
  • Manage Self-checkouts
  • Enable Virtual Shopping
  • Enable Queue Busting
  • Enable Digital Commerce
  • Configure Omni Channel Management

You can handle the entire above-discussed tasks with no separate or special IT team set-up. Added to that, you also can take control even you are away from your store or warehouse, just through your smartphone. Thus Retail Cloud helps the retail businesses especially Fashion & Lifestyle patrons with its best POS solution.

What is special with Fashion & Lifestyle Stores?

Generally, in retail business Customer Retention is the most important also a crucial part which requires keen attention. Our POS solution not only helps the retailers in managing their entire operations but also helps them amplify their customer experience.

Customer Loyalty is the key major feature which is important to the business owners, wherein New Promotions, New Launches, Discount Schemes, Gift Vouchers are the attractive features that are important to the customers.

Appending below is the list of Fashion & Lifestyle businesses’ key factors, wherein Retail Cloud with its POS solution supports the owners to manage them in a great way.

1. Customer Loyalty: Retail Cloud’s POS solution for Fashion & Lifestyle helps managing customer loyalty through discounts & points-based schemes with OTP authentication.

2. Discount Coupons: Our POS solution allows retailers to distribute various loyalty and shopping coupons to their customers.

3. New Promotions/Launches: Our POS solution supports leveling the bills, assortments, and item promotions on a one-single bill.

4. Gift Vouchers: Using our POS solution, you can able to sell, release, and securely redeem the gift vouchers.