Shopping Experience Redefined!

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud makes difference to your Fashion & Lifestyle Business. This includes both Company owned and Franchise outlets. Retailers can subscribe to the set of Cloud Services to manage the end-to-end Fashion Business. Like any other Retail Vertical, Fashion & Lifestyle can also leverage the Digital Commerce.

It can be single or multi-branded fashion outlets. Using Retail Cloud services, Fashion brands can leverage several technologies developed, exclusively for Fashion & Lifestyle.

Fashion & Lifestyle – Brick & Mortar

With TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, Omni Retailer, Retailers can run their Fashion & Lifestyle outlets with out Wire, Server and Software Licenses.
Brick & Mortar outlets are not just Storage and Sales Points. You can deliver several value add services around each Outlets.

  • You can read footfall using IoT Camera.
  • Use facial recognition technology to know your Customer.
  • Virtual Shopping with Trials.
  • Support to both Online and Offline.
  • Queue Busting and Self Checkouts.
  • Sales Person can use Mobile to support Customers.
  • Support to Beacon.
  • Outlet as Omni Channel Fulfillment Center.
  • Outlet Monitoring Using IoT.

Outlet storage planogram

Now, the outlets can be monitored and controlled remotely. The Customer experience is redefined both with in Outlet and outside. Retailers can access the below services so that Fashion & Life style outlets can be run at much reduced cost.

  • Smart Shelves.
  • Planogram and storage monitoring and Control.
  • Electronic Price Displays.
  • Navigation within the store.
  • Search for Promotions.
  • RFID – Item Tracking
  • Outlets – IoT, Remote Monitoring.
  • Reduced real-estate space as it is no more storage point.
  • Reduced workforce as outlet is automated.

Shopping from any where and any time

Customers can use their Mobile for shopping. They can visit any outlet virtually and pick the items of their choice. Customers also can interact with the Sales Persons available at the store. He/she can browse through each self and go for trials by clicking his/her pic. Post Trials, he/she can check out and get the item delivered to home.

One Cloud – Many Customer Traits

Customer’s purchase patterns are tracked and the products that are relevant to the Customers taste are shown to the Customer. Part of Virtual Shopping, Customers can see and interact with Sales Persons using their Mobile.

  • One Cloud – Many Channels.
  • Shop from any where.
  • Get Delivered to door Step.
  • Customer Engagement through customer behaviour.
  • Customer Loyalty through Customer Engagement.

The Cloud gives you the capability of Geo Fencing. You can mark the zones where you can take Orders and do Door Delivery. The Orders are routed to nearest fulfillment center after real-time stock verification. Customers can track their Order using their mobile.