TechnoLabs carries years of experience in serving FMCG retail segment. Super/Hyper markets are running on Retail Cloud without in-house IT infrastructure. The retail cloud empowers Retailers so that they can run operations and serve customer with complete freedom. FMCG customers are able to raise their Sales Turnover by 25% within year of adaption to TechnoLabs Retail Cloud. Post COVID, customers do expect everything at their door steps. Cloud and Omni Channel Management become need of the hour. Traditional softwares cannot be used in the new changed Business Context. There are several reasons to switch over to TechnoLabs Retail Cloud from traditional softwares.

  • Completely Hassle free. You no need to have internal IT team and stay focused on your Business.
  • NO CAPEX, No Server, No Support & Maintenance, and Pay As You Use.
  • Your customers can purchase through multiple channels.
  • One Cloud – From Labelling to Last Mile.
  • 100% Availability – Support to both Online and Offline.
  • 24X7 Support.
  • Digital Commerce – You can start your online Business from the day one. Readily available and seamless with outlets.
  • Last mile – Customers can track the delivery and complete the transaction right at their door step.
  • Customer Experience – No Queues, Seamless and 100% visibility to your Brand and Products.
  • Remote Monitoring – Use IoT technologies to manage/monitor and control the outlets remotely.

For detailed understanding about the platform, we strongly recommend you to go through Demo. We can come and give you LIVE DEMO, on demand. If want to try without our help, you may download install the below.

  • Outlet App (Android, Windows, iOS) – For complete outlet running including POS (Link to Download)
  • Customer Shopping App – For Online Orders, Order/Delivery Tracking and Self Checkouts (Link to Download)
  • Commerce Portal – You can visit standard portal available for FMCG. You can apply your Branding and sitemap.

For advanced features like IoT, Virtual Shopping, and Retail Analytics please call us as there is are no Demo Links are available.

Now, let us also look at what FMCG users are talking about the Retail Cloud. Comprehensive and built on cutting-edge technologies.

We got everything we expected. On the contrary, we are not able many advanced features like IoT.  We implemented several FMCG specific features like Promotions, Multiple Price Items, Batch Control/Expiry control for food supplements, Campaign Management, and Customer Loyalty.

We are able to run 25 counters without Wire and Local Server.  We have no problem of internet disruption as it supports Offline mode. The Bills get synched with Cloud automatically.

Deerika Retail – Delhi

We have been using TechnoLabs Retail Cloud for last 2 years. We are using the Retail Cloud for end-to-end retail requirements. Customer Loyalty is very critical for us. We are using Coupons, Gift Vouchers, Wallets, and Loyalty Cards. We use loyalty in tandem with promotions.

We exploring more options offered by the Retail Cloud. We started leveraging the Digital Commerce services provided by the Cloud. We are able to launch Online Business in just weeks time

24Mantra Organic – Hyderabad