Your Commerce Site is Ready!

Are you still 100% on Brick & Mortar?
Do you have difficulty in rolling-out Digital Commerce that is perfectly integrated with Outlets and Stock-houses?
Do you think Going Digital is a huge implementation exercise with mammoth Budget and Time?

All your questions have one Answer. TechnoLabs Retail Cloud?

With TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, it is more than easy to integrate your Stores, Franchises, Other Fulfillments Centers, and Digital Sales Channels. You can get your eCommerce Site ready in couple of days time. Your site is automatically linked to fulfillment centers and your customers get seamless experience across all Sales Channel. Your customer can get retail time visibility of stocks against of any Fulfillment Center.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. – Your Commerce Site is ready

  • Make your branding requirements ready – Get Colors, Fonts, Icons, and Site Map ready.
  • Keep the content ready. – Images, product description, and other links pages.
  • Sign with Payment Gateway – Compare Payment Gateways and sign with your choice.
  • Finalize Service Areas – Depends on logistics and your delivery capacity, finalize the service areas.
  • Sign Logistics Provider – Finalize and sign with Logistics Provider who can deliver Shipment to the Customers.
  • Make your Promotions Ready – You may want to run Online Promotions. You can configure yourself using Retail Management Console.
  • Get Bulk SMS – You may get Bulk SMS package so that your Customers get messages.



We make the Commerce Site ready that meets your branding requirements You can GO LIVE in just matter of days. We do help you preparing content including product images as we have content accumulated over the years.

You can see the Demo Sites available for different Retail Verticals. It is time; you can browse through the Commerce Site of your choice and place order. The order you placed online can be seen on your Outlet App/POS provided you also downloaded and installed the POS App.


Annaporrna is FMCG/Super Market with heavy foot print and turn over both at store level and Online. Customers can order online and get the goods delived to their door. Retailer can link one more fullfilment centers to their Commerce Site and get the orders routed to the nearest Fullfiment center, automatially


Chameleon is premium Fashion & Life Style brand with strong Online Business. TechnoLabs Retail Cloud gives the virtual shopping experience to the consumer so that she/he can decide about purchase without going to Retail Outlet. Post COVID, it is more critical to have good technology in place so that Consumer needs no visit to the Showroom.


Morris is Electronic/Electrical Consumer goods (White Goods) with range of products. They have niche requirements like tracking each item, Warranties, Suppler specific promotions and targets, and Credit based sales. The product specific content also very important before the Consumer takes decision to Buy. Morris also leveraged Cross-Selling and Up-Selling features of the TechnoLabs Retail Cloud.


Freshveg is fruites and vegatable brand that runs battery operated Moving Carts across Indian Cities. The entire fleet is power by TechnoLabs retail cloud. Each Cart Operator uses Android Tab manage every operation of Moving Outlet inlcuding Billing. End Cosumers use their Mobile or Commerce Site to order, and track the deliveries. The order goes to nearest Cart moving.


Pakva is vegetarian Food & Beverages Chain that runs its entire operations on TechnoLabs Retail Cloud. This includes KOT as well.
Customers can order Online and get the food delivered to their door step. TechnoLabs pushes each order to Logistics Provider so that they can pick and deliver the food to the Customers.