Retail Cloud - Smart Outlets

Retail Outlets that can be Activated, Monitored, and Controlled remotely.

Now, running Retail Chain is no more complex and time consuming. You can run Retail Outlets with out Wire, Hardware Servers and Software Licensing. Completely hassle-free makes customer experience seamless across Brick & Mortar and Digital Channels.

Business Drivers

  • Want to aviod CAPEX in acquiring Servers, Desktops and Software Lincenses?
  • Do you have space constraints in setting up the traditional point of Sale (POS) terminals?
  • Are you spending time and resources to manage hardware and software?
  • You may want to pay as you use on monthly subscription model?
  • Your Leadership and Executives want to access business data over their mobile from anywhere and anytime?
  • Do you want to bill the customer right at the customer door?
  • Can your customer pick the goods and pay directly instead of standing at the billing counter?
  • Do you want to take Online Orders, and do fulfillment from nearest stores?
  • Store Management has to happen virtually or remotely?
  • You may need to track your customers and reward loyal customers.

Retail Outlets – Wireless & On Mobile

  • End-to-end outlet operations using Mobile Devices.
  • Support to both Online & Offline.
  • Support to Windows, Android, and IOS
  • High speed billing with out any local Server.
  • Self Serving Cloud – you can run your Retail Business with little or no help from TechnoLabs.
  • All your outlet devices are monitored and controlled remotely.
  • Use your outlet as fulfillment Center for Online Orders.
  • Manage Door Deliveries.
  • Reading Foot fall and Conversion.