Retail Cloud - Customer Loyalty

Retailers can subscribe to Customer Loyalty Program and get access to range of Customer Loyalty services. Customer Loyalty is applicable to all Sales Channels so that end Customer’s experience is seamless. Retail Cloud, Omni Retailer, offers many tools so that Customer Loyalty can be tracked and rewarded.

TechnoLabs supports the following Loyalty features.

  • Loyalty Cards – Different Card Categories, Purchase Ranges, Points Accumulation, and Redemption
  • Discount Coupons – Can issue, monitor and redemption the coupons against of purchase and campaigns.
  • Gift Vouchers – Gift Vouchers can issued at the POS or Other sales points. So is the Redemption.
  • Memberships   You can launch variety of membership programs.
  • Referrals –  Customers can get benefits by referring their nears and dears.
  • Sing Up – Can be configured to assign Coupon, Loyalty points or Gift Voucher.
  • Customer Wallet – Customer’s cash is available with the Wallet. Configurable and can be created various types of wallets.

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, Omni Retailer, gives comprehensive and configurable Customer Loyalty services for Retail Businesses. This helps in tracking the Customer and retaining him/her. The Loyalty Cloud Service can be activated On Demand. Once Customer Loyalty is activated, you can configure and apply across all Sales Channels. Loyalty can be combined with Promotions so that loyal Customers are rewarded when they come back. With Omni Channel Management capabilities, the Loyalty program is seamless across all channels. Retailers who are using TechnoLabs Cloud Services are able to get the repeat business by retaining Old Customers and their Brand Loyalty. Their sales are up by 15% within six months of activating Loyalty Program.

Loyalty Cards:

Supports both electronic and digital Cards.  Customer’s Mobile Number is considered as digital card. Loyalty history is transferred to new Mobile Number if the Customer changes his/her Mobile Number.  Retailers can create one or more category of Loyalty Cards with different attributes and loyalty criteria. Redemption can be OTP enabled.

Rewards Points depend on the following parameters.

  • Base/Sign up Points
  • Purchase Value Range
  • Min Redeem Points
  • Conversion Ratio
  • Validity Period
  • Card Validity – Locations
  • Auto Card Assign

Given the Omni Channel platform, Loyalty is applicable to Brick & Mortar, Digital Channels and Other Channels.


You can create and use one or more category of Coupons. Like Loyalty Cards, Coupons can be either Printed or Digital. Coupons can also either assigned or unassigned. Coupons also can be either of type single claim or multi claim. There are several parameters that make Coupons Program is very comprehensive.

  • Location Validity
  • Min Bill Amount
  • Auto Assigned or Manual Assign
  • Flat or Percentage Discount
  • No of Claims, if Coupon is of type multi claims type
  • OTP Enabled Redemption
  • Max discount, if it is of type percentage
  • Sale of Products/Category of products applicable

For details on other Loyalty instruments, please call us and get more details.  You may get first-hand experience about Loyalty Cards and Coupons by following the below steps.

  • Install Outlet App and get the device activated.
  • Get the access to Commerce Site of your Business Type
  • Download Mobile Shopping App

To make it easy for you, we configured pre-defined Loyalty Cards and Coupons. You can start make few bills and get real time data on how it works seamless across all channels.