TechnoLabs Retail Cloud gives many possibilities to the Retailer so that they can leverage Mobile Technologies in delivering products and services. Retailer can get the specific mobile services activated and get going from the day one.

By subscribing to mCommerce service of Retail Cloud, you can empower your customers to order from anywhere and track their Orders.
1, 2, 3, LIVE.

  • Use Mobile for Shopping
  • Geo Fencing of Service Areas using Google API
  • Routing of Orders
  • Time Slots & Capacity Management
  • Batch Control
  • Logistics Integration for Point-to-Point Delivery
  • Shipments & Last mile Tracking
  • Customer Tracking & Analysis
  • Customer Campaigns
  • Customer Support
  • Centralized Monitoring & Control of Business

Freshworld is Fruits & Veg brand who supplies fresh Veg and fruits by running moving Carts across citifies. They did choose TechnoLabs Cloud platform for their end-to-end retail business requirement. Below scenarios make the TechnoLabs Cloud platform unique.

1) One Stop – Freshworld opted for TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, Omni Retailer, after comparing with major Retail Solutions. With traditional solutions, one has to deal with multiple Software Products, IT vendors and takes at least a year of implementation time. Above all, traditional solutions don’t meet the new age Retail Business requirements i.e. Customer Centric. Freshworld is able to GO LIVE within 8 weeks of time. End Customer uses his/her Mobile to find, order, track, and gets the delivery.

2) Inventory – is maintained at several hubs in each city. Batches and Expiry control required as the products are perishable.

3) Service Area Geo Fenced– Each Hub has catchment area up to 15KM radius. The system must allow only if the Customer’s delivery address is within the catchment area.

4) Mobile Commerce – TechnoLabs has white labelled Customer App for Freshworld and uploaded to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Customers use the App to order and pay for meat.

5) Routing – Orders get routed to Hub and Logistics Provider for given time slot. Logistics Provider picks the shipment and delivers to the given address.

6) Customer Experience : Customer orders are verified against of nearest hub inventory, and inventory gets blocked. The blocked inventory gets released, if the customer Cancels the Order. Customers can track the delivery using inbuilt Google Maps

Please download the Customer Shopping App that can be used to do shopping from anywhere. You can use the same App for delivery tracking using Google Maps.

You can have your own branding applied and also get the White Labeled App uploaded to Google Play Store or Apple App Sore.