TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, the leading Retail Software platform, offers the POS service to Retailers cutting across all verticals.  Retailers can run their Outlets without Wire, Server and other Software Licenses.  The Retail Cloud supports all three platforms i.e.  Android, iOS and Windows platforms. That too supports both Online and Offline modes.

With Retail Cloud, Retailers can run their end-to-end operations by subscribing to the Cloud Services.  We implemented very interesting and unique solution to Fruits and Vegetables sector. Our Fruits and Vegetables Customers are running their Warehouse/Outlets, Commerce Portal, and Customer Shopping App in seamless manner. Our Fruits & Vegetables customers also run their Mobile Carts/Outlets where consumer can see the moving Carts on their mobile, order the delivery, and come down and pick the items. Thus Retail Cloud’s POS software solution serves as the best Fruits & Vegetables Retail Software in India.


We conceptualized and developed Retail Cloud platform so that Retailers can run their business on SaaS basis. NO CAPEX, NO WIRE, and NO SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE.  We have laser focus on Cloud, Mobility, IoT, and AI Technologies. Our endeavor is to give the best Retail Technology to customers in India and world at large.

Our mission is to create the biggest Retail Cloud on the planet.  We robotized the entire platform so that it hardly takes to implement.


Retailers can opt for mix and match of services and Pay As They Use. For example, a Retailer can launch his/her Commerce Site and Mobile App by subscribing to Digital Commerce service. Retailers can select services of their choice depends on their Business Requirement.

  1. Retail POS
  2. Smart Outlets
  3. Warehouse and Distribution Centers.
  4. Commerce Site
  5. Mobile Shopping App
  6. Queue Busting
  7. Self Checkouts
  8. Omni Channel Management
  9. Virtual Shopping along with Trials – Apparel
  10. Customer Loyalty
  11. CRM & Campaign Management
  12. Retail Analytics

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud serves Retail Businesses on monthly subscription basis. Diverse Retail Businesses are leveraging the Cloud to streamline their operations. Omni Channel Management capabilities make both internal operations and Consumer experience seamless.  If you are running one or more of the below Retail Businesses, you can ask for Demo and Evaluation Copy.

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Food & Beverages
  • Supermarket / Hypermarket
  • Pharma Retail
  • Wellness
  • Organic Stores
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • White Goods
  • Home Décor
  • Meat Shops

Retail Cloud – Unique Selling Points

There is more than one Unique Selling Point (USP) that makes TechnoLabs Retail Cloud the best Retail Software in India. It makes Retail Operations completely hassle-free and needs internal IT staff.

  • One Cloud – 3600 Retail Business. Labeling to Last Mile.
  • No Support & Maintenance
  • Automated Cloud – Implementation happens in weeks

We offer unique business features for Fruits and Vegetables sector. Retailers can run both fixed Outlets and Mobile Carts simultaneously. Retailers can define service area, routes, and shipment charges. Consumers can use their Mobile to make Orders and track the Orders. Delivery Person can use their Mobile to locate the Customer’s address, process touch less transaction, and deliver the Order. Below are the specific to Fruits and Vegetables Business.

  • Auto Demand and Indenting.
  • Product Grading
  • Daily Stock Verification.
  • Zero Stock Warehouses and Distribution Centers.
  • Dump reduction.
  • Just In Time stocks
  • Batch Control