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We want to redefine the terminology used in the context of Retail Business.

Our mission is to create the biggest and the best Retail Cloud on the planet so that it gives one secure platform to Retailers and Customers.

Retail Cloud is one cloud platform that offers comprehensive set of services to Retailers. Now, the Retail Brands can access one or more services as per their need. For example, a Retailer may need only Commerce Site to do Online Business.

Any new concept is compared against of existing established players and we do use the same terminology to describe the new concept. TechnoLabs introduced new way of running Retail Business and we would like to redefine the terminology used so far. To make the business running and maintain competitive edge, Retail Business Houses have to procure and deploy plethora of technologies and softwares. Mammoth budgets and months of implementation times are the reality.

Retail Cloud Vs ERP
S.No Retail Cloud ERP
1 Built for Retail Business Generic and Built for all
2 Only Configuration required Implementation Time & Effort
3 One Point Retail Solution Mix & Match Of the Softwares
4 No uncertainity of success Not every implementation is a success
5 Proven Concept. Pay As You Use Huge CAPEX & Maintenance cost
6 R & D on Retail Technologies No Specific focus on Retail Sector

Built for Retail Business, now you can run your Retail Business with complete freedom. The Retail Cloud, Omni Retailer, is loaded with host of options to choose from. You can keep accessing Cloud Services, incrementally, as you grow your business. No need to buy hardware or software for future requirements. Subscribe to the new set of Services as and when you need.

One Cloud - For both OLTP & DSS

Configure & GO - 100% Automated

Outlets - Both Fixed & Mobile

Shopping - Both Instore & Outside

The Requirement of a Retail Business are if possible in one go...

  • Brick & Mortar - Warehouses, DC, and Outlets Management
  • POS with support to all payment options
  • Outlet Monitoring & Control
  • Promotions & Campaign Management
  • Online - Commerce Site
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Self Checkouts
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Batch Control and Item Tracking
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Support to Online/Offline
  • More...

Now, it is one Cloud vs Plethora of softwares.

Unified and Seamless Customer Experience vs Multiple touch points.

Contact us with your Business requirements from time to time. We will enable the right set of Retail Cloud services.

You can run your Business with Complete Freedom. Opt for mix & match of services and Pay As You Use. You no need to think about technology developments. We assure you that we stay ahead and bring the best of breed technologies to your table you stay ahead in your Business.

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