Co-Founder & Director

Anand Kumar Gupta

Anand Gupta always wanted to develop a 7th sense that would help him understand the customers better than anybody. Branding products & solutions to different cultures, quickly adapting to customer needs, and application of technology are his passions. It gives him immense pleasure, if customers turned out be our brand ambassadors.

His experience in technologies, delivery, and process improvement makes him the best in the business. He can foresee opportunities, and drives business with precision. He is instrumental in building partner network in Europe. He can assess the customer’s expectations and bridge the gap between delivery team and end user. He is very versatile, seasoned and very good mentor to the youngsters. Being delivery professional, he developed extra sense that helps him in understanding the pulse of the customer.

Founder & Managing Director

Siva Pothuluru

Siva Pothuluru is very much ambitious to try new things from time to time. He derives enjoyment by way of taking up new challenges. He thinks that the biggest realization is only possible when a person faces the problem heads-on and solves it. He says that he is on his blissful journey that is only possible with multidimensional realization.

His mentoring and support is vital for TechnoLabs in short and medium run. His passions are Technology, Entrepreneurship, History, Ancient Scriptures, Environment, Social Engineering and Teaching. His dream is to see TechnoLabs as great institution that can last for generations to come. He has been associated with TechnoLabs from day one. He is instrumental in stabilizing the delivery during the formative year. He is known for creating teams that are energized, focused and self-sustainable.

Co Founder & Director

Akhilesh Tripathi

Akhilesh Tripathi, an information technology professional with extensive experience (20+ yrs.) in strategic planning, project management, system implementations, integrations, upgrades and custom solutions development in information technology industry with emphasis on eBanking and Mobile commerce. He worked extensively in USA and understands the pulse and customer expectations in USA. He is instrumental in scaling up our business in USA. Good part about him is, he can make things very simple and understandable.Resident of USA

Sharmila Reddy

She started as Novice to our business and could ramp up to enough to drive several areas including HR. TechnoLabs more than appreciates and will remember her contribution in the days to come. Surely, it is not an ordinary thing to hire and mentor a strong Engineering Team like this.All this is done without much talk and her commitment and delivery made the difference. She is always ready to take-up new challenge and work through. Above all, she is a good listener which is an important trait of a manager.