Brick & Mortar Business – New Paradigm

It is no more traditional approach to customers, and outlet management. Retail Brands should be able to run a Store with minimum or no manual time without affecting the Customer’s experience. On the contrary, technology should enhance customer experience and their by loyalty.

It is no more the case of exhaustive project planning, implementation and maintenance. Automated Cloud platform, we built offers you configurable and readily available Retail Business services.

Just subscribe for the services you need and start running your Outlets/Warehouses.

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud can make your Outlets completely remote controlled and smart.
  • No Wire, No Server, and No Software Licenses.
  • Labelling to the Last Mile – One Cloud
  • Use POS and other devices both in Online/Offline Mode
  • Monitoring and Control of Outlet remotely.
  • Self Checkout Kiosk
  • Self Checkouts using Mobile
  • Footfall reading
  • Queue Busting Devices
  • Door Delivery using Mobile Devices
  • Delivery Tracking

TechnoLabs makes Outlets smart and intelligent enough to serve both Walkin Customers and online Customers. You can configure, monitor, and control outlets remotely. TechnoLabs Retail Cloud can handle specific business requirements catered to Retail Verticals. Our customers cutting across retail verticals are benefited as there is no uncertainty of implementation and project success. Some of the interesting business Cases we handled are.

Retail Cloud – Case Studies

Freshworld sells fruits and vegetables by delivering to Customer Doors using motorized carts. The customer uses the Mobile Shopping App to order and track the vehicle. The orders are routed to the nearest Cart moving. Each Cart is given an Android Tab for billing and other stock related operations. End to end operations is run by accessing Retail Cloud services.

The end customer can see the moving Carts on their mobile and then order the items. They can track the Cart, come down to the street, and pick the fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Freshworld call this as Insta model of serving. If there is no Cart nearby, still customers can order so that Freshworld delivers to the customer door. The Second model of delivery is called Any Time.

Powered by TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, the end customers can get access to real time stocks, offers, loyalty benefits and delivery tracking. Using monitoring tools, Freshworld can monitor orders, dispatches, vehicles, and quality of the service delivery. Freshworld uses Android Tabs to manage their moving Carts both in Online and offline modes. The platform is built to support millions of transactions per day.
You may get firsthand experience of the Retail Cloud by downloading the Customer App from Google paly Store.

What our Brick & Mortar Customers Say?

Now, you can run your Retail Chain with complete freedom. You no more required to depend on the Retail Experts. Our Subject Matter Expertise and Technology can make your transition to fast and smooth. We partnered with Hardware and Payments Providers so that you get on point solution. TechnoLabs is passionate and honoured to introduce cutting-edge technologies to Retail Business.

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud is unique and completely hassle free. We are able to run our Super Market chain without any IT support staff. The Retail Cloud, Omni Retailer, can meet high speed requirements of Super Market/Hyper Market.

Retail Brands can leverage the Cloud to improve the performance and enhance the Customer Experience.

YESS (Your Every Day Super Store), Delhi

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud stands apart and it is the best known Retail Platform. One can get the implementation ready and get going in just matter of days. The platform is highly robotized so that Retail Operations can be activated very quickly.

As a Retail Professional I am more than excited to see such platform.

Jagdeesh  J– IT  Head 24Mantra.

Retail Verticals

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud service are used by Retail Businesses cutting across verticals. Each type has its own niche requirements. We addressed the requirements of each Retail Business type. Few niche requirements are listed below.

  • F n V – Product Grading & Batch handling
  • Consumer Durables – Item wise Tracking
  • Customer profile specific promotions.
  • Apparel – Product Matrix
  • Online Orders routing & fulfilment
  • Super Markets – Self Checkouts, Memberships and Customer Wallets
  • F & B – Outdoor Event Billing