Leverage Technology to make Customer ‘Feel Great’. Not just feel good.

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud has technology and tools that make Customers to feel WOW. Starting from first visit, the platform engages the Customer. Our Endeavour is to see that your customer gets addicted to your brand and products.

We categorized the customer experience into two categories. One is related to another.

  • In-shop Experience
  • Shop from anywhere Experience

In-Shop Experience:

From the moment customer enters into your Outlet, the entire shopping experience must be defined and perfected. Customers can use their mobile to navigate and find products, view promotions, add the item to basket, Pay, and then Walkout.  We conceptualized and created Customer Shopping App so that the Customer is well informed and empowered. Customers even call Sales Person just by using his/her Mobile.

Customer Shopping App is available for the below Retail Verticals.

  • Fashion & Life Style
  • Consumer Electronics
  • F & B

The shopping app goes into In-Shop mode the moment the customers enters into the Outlet .  Can navigate storage systems. Get beacon alerts.

All Self Checkouts  bills can be printed as well, incase Customer needs Bill Hardcopy.

Shop from Anywhere Experience:

TechnoLabs makes no difference between Outlets and Digital Commerce. We worked towards the target of creating same experience to Customers even if they do shopping from their home. They visit each outlet virtually browse through shelves add items to the Basket. They can even have Trial if it is apparel.

Highlights of the Shop from anywhere!!!

  • Locate the Store
  • Search/Navigate the items.
  • Search for Promotions or Deals.
  • Have Trials, if applicable
  • Pay and Order.
The Same Shopping App goes into “Shop From Any Where” when the Customer starts App Outside the Outlet. Customer either can visit the Outlet virtually, and do Shopping or do Shopping like any other Standard Mobile Commerce App.
One App – The Customer Experience standardized across all Channels.

Customers can track the Order till the time it is delivered to their door. We have been improving the Virtual Shopping experience using Augmented Reality and 3D Modelling.