Customer Loyalty – From Unified Customer’s View

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, Omni Retailer, has the Customer as the centric point. Retailer gets the visibility of their customer and plan their products stocks, promotions, and campaigns. It is all about how you can engage with the Customers. Customer Loyalty must be nurtured by applying right blend of Technologies and Processes. Our Retail Cloud offers the most advanced Loyalty Services.

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Creating Customer Loyalty

  • Captures Customer’s Data – Footfalls to Face Recognition

    • Customers Re-visits

    • Customers Transactions/Conversions

    • Customers Behaviour/Brands Loyalty

    • Customer Behaviour/Spending Habits.

    • Customer Behaviour/Spending Segment

  • Customer Experience/Empowerment

    • Delivery of products/services with Finger Touch

    • Seemless Customer Experience with Omni Channel/Self Checkouts/e-Shopping.

    • Customer Empowerment by creating effective feedback/complaints addressal

  • Reward & Retain the Customer

    • Determine promotions and campaigns required

    • Map the customer behaviour to apt Loyalty Instrument.

    • Discover patterns, Refine, and repeat from time-to-time.

Loyalty Vs Reward Programs

Having understood the customers behaviour, it is time to plan promotions, campaigns, and rewards to the Customers.

Omi Retailer gives comprehensive Customer Loyalty platform so that you not only retain the Customers but engage with the Customer. Loyal Customers can be rewarded with the below instruments.

  • Loyalty Cards
  • Discount Coupons
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Memberships
  • Customer Referrals
  • Customer Specific Promotions
  • Customer specific campaigns

Categorize the Customers based on their behaviour by applying Deep Learning techniques and then apply the right combination of Campaigns and Promotions.
Using Customer behaviour patterns, it give the right options to the Online Customers so that conversion rate is very high. It is practical and must to have Omni Channel Platform to have such seamless Customer Loyality program.

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TechnoLabs focus on Customer Loyalty and Product positioning received accolades from the customers. Specifically, Lifestyle and Fashion. TechnoLabs applied Deep Learning techniques to analyse the Customer behaviour so that Customer targeting becomes very successful. Using TechnoLabs Customer Loyalty program, Retailers achieved more than 20% raise in sales within three quarters.

Customer Loyalty is available as independent service. Retailers have option to use only Customer Loyalty and Campaign Management.