Retail Cloud - Digital Commerce

Are you still 100% on Brick & Mortar?
Do you have difficulty in rolling-out Digital Commerce that is perfectly integrated with Outlets and Stock-houses?
Do you think Going Digital is a huge implementation exercise with mammoth Budget and Time?

All your questions have one Answer. TechnoLabs Retail Cloud?

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, Omni Retailer, offers readily available SaaS-based Digital Commerce services so that Retailers can give a seamless experience to their customers. The retailer can enable their Digital Commerce by opting for the below Cloud Services.

  • Commerce Portal (B2C)
  • Customer Mobile Shopping APP (B2C)
  • Virtual Shopping
  • Auto routing of Orders
  • Service Areas with GEO Fencing
  • Real time stock verification & Routing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Market Place Integration
  • Promotions.
  • Omni Channel Management

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The platform gives you perfect Omni Channel Management capabilities so that you can have headstart from the day one. The TechnnoLabs Cloud platform, Omni Retailer, gives you advanced online commerce capabilities like realtime stock, price, promotions, etc.

You can define service area and delivery routes. For instance, any online order is validated if the customer ‘s address is with in the serviceable area.

Digital Commerce – Use Cases

Our Digital Commerce services are subscribed and used by many Retail Business. Our Customers are able to run both Outlets and Digital Business seamlessly.FMCG,Fashion & Lifestyle, Fruites & Veg, and Wellness are few cases where Digital Commerce is used very heavily. Our Tehnology empowers the end consumers so that they can do shopping from any where and the shopping experience is very close to reality.

Digital Commerce is important component of Omni Channel Management. It can be enabled in no time and works in tandem with Brick & Mortar.

Fruits & Vegetables

Consumers can use his/her mobile to order items. The Orders get routed to the nearest Outlet after stock verification. Consumers can track the order and delivery vehicle till it reaches his/her door-step.


Consumers can use Commerce Portal or Mobile App to browse through thousands of items and can make Orders. The consumer can choose Offers, apply Coupons, or claim loyalty Points.

Fashion & Lifestyle

The consumer can visit Outlet of his/her choice, goes through shelves and items, and have virtual Trails. If required, the Consumer can talk to Sales Person and take his/her help in finding the item of his/her choice. Virtual Shopping can happen either using Commerce Portal or Mobile App.

Retail Brands are curious to know about such platform that supports both traditional Brick & Mortar and Digital Business. All services are available on SaaS basis and there is no CAPEX involved. Years of planning, implementation, and maintenance become absolute now. Above all, there is no uncertainty of implementation and success.