One Cloud – All Sales Channels

Can you think about having perfect Omni Channel Management by acquiring and integrating plethora of softwares?

The honest Answer is Big No!

We created one Retail Cloud that has everything for Retail Business

We don’t implement for you. We just enable the services for you.

Finally, real time Omni Channel Management platform is available for Retail Brands. That too instantly. Retail Cloud platform offers services that can enable all Sales Channels. Your customers can have seamless experience across both Digital Channels and Traditional Channels.

Seamless data flow across all Channels as channels are also built by us!

  • Readily available Commerce Portal
  • Customer Shopping App
  • Telephonic Sales platform
  • Sales Person App
  • Market Places
  • POS

The customer is tracked across all channels. Customer Loyalty and Customer Experience are universal and done from a single point of control.
It is also about one inventory view so that delivery to customers possible from any stock point.

Your Omni Channel

Your exisiting Omni Channel may need mammoth efforts to keep it going!!
You have no option except what market players provide you.

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud – Ready to use Omni Channel Platform

Rules of the Game are redefined from Implementation and Use to Ready to Use. Move away from using multiple softwares-to – One Cloud.

To achieve efficient Omni Channel Management, Retail Brands have to go through inordinate implementation time. Have to use multiple softwares and deploy supporting personnel. Achieving real-time Omni Channel Management is almost impossible.

With TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, Brick & Mortar and Digital Services are readily available. You need to subscribe to the services as and when you are ready.

1) We need Commerce Portal and Customers must be able to have Outlet Experience as well.

Give us your UX template, and branding details. We will make the B2C Commerce site ready just in a matter of hours. You can keep managing the Site Content using the Retail Cloud console given to you. You can define Geo-Fencing service areas and take Orders. Customer Orders are routed to the nearest fulfillment center. At the outlet level, Orders can be converted into Invoice and send for Delivery. TechnoLabs Cloud supports up to the Last Mile. Delivery Staff can use their Mobile and deliver the goods and take payments.

2) Our Customers should be able to use Mobile for Shopping and stay connected.

TechnoLabs Digital Commerce Offering comprises of Customer App a swell. You can have white labled Customer Shopping App. Host the Apps in Google Play store and Apple App store. Your customers can do shopping from anywhere. Get into particular store and get the visibility of the stocks. This is more critical when the Business is of Type Life Style and Fashion.
Orders are routed to the nearest fulfillment Centre/Outlets. Customers can use their Mobile for Order Tracking, Delivery Tracking and stay connected to their favorite Retail Brand.

3) We want to manage online Price, Promotions and Campaigns.

Now, your business staff can manage entire B2C Commerce. Starting from Banners to Promotions, they can control. You don’t need any technical team to do Business. You can entire Customer Loyalty Program rolled out for your Online Customers. You can configure and control the following Customer Loyalty related programs.

  • Discounts Coupons
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Promotions
  • Memberships
  • Referrals & Rewards

4) We want to give Outlet Visibility to Online Customers.

Online and Traditional Outlets are not isolated. Your customers can order Online and Pickup the goods from outlet. It is seamless experience to the Customer. Infact Customers can see the availability of Goods at each outlet; apply to Customer’s Avatar in case of Fashion, and checkout the item. We use Augmented Reality to simulate outlet and retail time stocks are available to the Customers.

5) Markets places it reality. How we can sell our products across Market Places?

Each country has different Markets places and players. However, we offer readily available interfacing to Global Entities like Amazon.

6) What happens to my traditional channels like Telephone, and direct Sales Person?

TechnoLabs gives Customer Supporting Module so that your back end team can punch in the Orders.You can also take Orders at each Outlet level. So is the case with Tracking of Orders and Delivery to the Customer. You can either do at Call Centre or at each Outlet level. You Sales person can use his/her mobile to take orders and get them delivered.