SaaS Licensing – Packages

We offer attractive and apt licensing packages before you make a decision on the Licensing Model. Verify your requirements against the below Licensing and select the right package. We offer device-based licensing rather than user-based licensing. There is no limit on the no of users. More than one user account can access the services using the same device (Windows, Android, iOS) as long as the device is activated. You can activate or de-activate any device license at will.

Advanced services like IoT monitoring, Self Checkouts, and Virtual Shopping are available as special services. Please contact us more details.

Standard Licensing

r1 550

Outlet Management

  1. POS(Online/Offline)
  2. Stock Management
  3. Promotions
  4. Customer Loyality
  5. Orders & Door Delivery
  6. Reports

Warehouse Management

  • Procurement
  • Supplier Management
  • Pick List & Stock Transfers
  • Stock Verification
  • Planogram & Storage Mgmt

Financial Management

  • Book Keeping
  • Financial Statement
  • Support to Franchise

Standard Licensing has all services that are essential for Brick & Mortar Retail Business. For any extra service like Digital Commerce, Omni Channel Management and other advanced services, we can activate as seperate extra service. The Cloud gives flexibility to enable or disable any device or service as per the Customer’s demand.

Enterprise Licensing:

In Enterprise Licensing, you get access to several advanced features including Digital Commerce, Omni Channel Management, etc. For detailed functional flows, please refer to the product brochure or other help material available.

  • Outlet Management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Financial Management


  • Customer Shopping APP

    • White Labeled APP

    • GPS Fencing

    • Seamless Customer Experience

  • Commerce Portal

    • Real Time Inventory

    • GPS Fencing

    • Seamless Customer Experience


  • Omni Channel Management

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Customer Relationship

  • Campaign Management

Enterprise Pro

This option gives comprehensive features that are good enough for big Retail Chains. By default, all services are activated so that Retail Enterprises can have a head start. In addition to what was given with Enterprise Licensing, the following extra features are enabled.

r3 550
  • Fail Over – Backup Server
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Workflow Automation
  • Customized Reports
  • Dedicated Support Consultant
  • Third-party Software Integration
  • More than 2 years of Live Business Data

These services are available default. The Cloud has all features that are required for a Retail Business with hundreds of Outlets, Digital Commerce, Outlet monitoring, and other advanced features.
Our endeavour is to provide the best Retail Technologies and Services at one point. Retailers can expect and treat our Retail Cloud as A-Z of Retail requirement.

Advanced Services:

You can opt for advanced services. These services are available On Demand at additional cost. Please contact Business Development team and get the quote.
For Enterprises who want to leverage cutting-edge technologies, the Retail Cloud is the choice. You get all technologies at once place and there is no need for integration.

You name any new technology, we are ahead in the race to apply the technology for Retail Industry.

  • Outlet Monitoring using IoT
  • Self Checkouts
  • Queue Busting
  • Retail Analytics – AI
  • Virtual Shopping using AR.

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