Intelligent Outlets – IoT

Transformation is right here. Now, you can monitor, and control every operation of Outlet in real-time. It is more safe, secure, and efficient to use our outlet monitoring technology when compared to manual monitoring.

You can monitor right from corporate office.

Some of the Monitoring features available are…

  • Remote Shutter Opening/Closing
  • Conditional swipe access at the Entrance.
  • Outlet Device/Equipment Control
  • Footfall count and conversion ratio
  • Customer’s face recognition and Customer specific promotions
  • Queue Management
  • POS Management (ON/OFF Status)
  • Shelves Displays
  • Video Analytics and alerts
  • Customer – Shopping Tablets (Customer can browse all products, find them, and finalize)

TechnoLabs has laser focus and delivered the cutting-edge technologies for Retail Sector. More than interesting aspect is, TechnoLabs is able to create one stop solution for Retail Business. This saves enormous time, efforts and budgets for Retail Brands.

We are happy to explore the new offerings from TechnoLabs from time-to-time.

CIO – Globus