Customer - Self Checkouts

TechnoLabs keeps the end customer at the pivot of Retail Business. We can empower your Customers by way enabling Omni Channel Management. Your customers have everything at their finger-tip. They can use their Mobile do Shopping from any where. Customrs can do Self Checkouts when they are inside the Outlet.

Self Checkout Program gives both 100% automated and semi-automated options. For more details, including RFID tagging talk to our Subject Matter Expert.


Few bullet points of Customer Experience using his/her mobile are…

  • When Customer goes into an Outlet, the Customer App switches into Self Checkout mode automatically by detecting GPS coordinates.
  • Customer can search and navigate himself to the shelve where the item is displayed.
  • Customer can add the item to Cart by scanning.
  • Finally, Customer would pay using any one of the electronic payment methods available.
  • One copy of E-Bill goes to security at the exit.
  • The Cloud gives option to take print out of the Bill as well, at the Exit.
  • The Customer can walk out after verification.
  • With RFID tagging, we don’t need any manual verification.


Virtual Shopping org
  • You can configure specific promotions to mobile shopping users.
  • Customer Loyalty program is seamless and applicable for all Sales Channels including Mobile Shopping/Self Checkouts.
  • The same Mobile Shopping App can be used to do shopping from home. He/She can buy using any channel and return using any other channel, provided Retailer has logistics in place.
  • To make it completely automated, we propose to use WiFi Cart.
  • We help you to monitor the outlet using IoT and get video streams and alerts. It is time, you think about running 24X7 outlets.
  • Both Android and iOS versions of Self Checkout Apps are readily available. We do a white label for each Retail Customer so that the Retailer can publish the App either in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.