Given COVID 19, now virtual shopping is no more optional. It is more than necessary. Customer must have option to visit any store virtually and do shopping as if the Customer is within the store. Our cutting-edge technology gives animated and real-time shopping experience to the customers so that Customers can checkout right from their homes.


Virtual Shopping Fashion & Lifestyle

  • Customer can use Mobile to do Shopping including Trails.
  • Customer can search and enter into Outlet of their choice, using their Mobile.
  • Customer can see Sales Person and interact using the same Shopping App.
  • Customers can do Virtual Shopping any time from any where.
  • He/She can go Virtual Trial before adding the item to the Cart.
  • All Offers/Deals are applicable.
  • Can opt for Take away or Door Delivery
  • Customer can go to another Outlet, it specific colour/size is not available with in the customer store.

Virtual Shopping can be applied across several retail verticals. This service can be activated On Demand. This is an add-on feature that comes along with the Customer Shopping App.

  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Footwear.
  • FMCG.
  • F n V.

It is concluded that Fashion and Lifestyle Customers found Virtual Shopping more than good for their Business. TechnoLabs virtual shopping is unique and can be downloaded to see its utility.