We know Retail Business

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud, Omni Retailer, gives unparallel advantage to a Retail Brand. Big Brands can access mix and match of Cloud Services and run their business from the day one as the Cloud is built specifically for Retailers.

Built on cutting-edge technologies, the Cloud is hosted with comprehensive Retail Services. Depends on the business need, a Retailer can subscribe to specific set of services on SaaS basis. It is time to say ‘Bye’ to plethora of softwares required to run your Retail Business.

  • No CAPEX

  • Migration @ Zero cost

  • No support & Maintenance

  • Strong R & D and Product Roadmap

  • Comprehensive, No Comparison & Competition

  • Labeling to Last Mile.

  • Omni Channel Management

  • Self Checkouts

  • 24X7 Customer Support & Service

Redefine store relevance


Outlet is not just another Point of Sale and Brand Building point. With our Retail Cloud, Onmni Retailer, outlet is multi-purpose business center.

3600 Brand Visiblility


Your brand visibility become far simpler and less expensive. It is the implicit benifit that comes out of Omni Channel Management adaption.

Customer Engagement


Customers stay connected to your brand. The Retail Cloud ensures that Customers are tracked, updated, and motivated to visit the sale points.

This is the one Cloud that meets the requirements of both traditional and digital business. By default, your Commerce Site and Customer Shopping App are ready. You can go online from the day one. We just need to get requirements as a checklist. Wait for a day or two. You can start running the business in completely hassle free way.

Above all, the Cloud is robotized in such a way that you can go Live in just matter of days.

  • All-in-One Cloud for Retailers.
  • Mix & Match – Select and Subscribe to services you want for your Business.
  • Comparision Matrix –  Can be compared against of any existing Retail Products.
  • Future Ready – We lead and introduced new technologies for Retail.
  • Customer Case Studies – Years of experience in Retail. Handled specific requirements for each Retail Vertical.
  • Do you have any questions? – Download and start using. Or call us @ +91 9959528222

Retail R & D

Customer Experience

Smart Outlets

Retail Analytics

Automation of SaaS

Strong R & D:

We have clear roadmap to remain the leader in Retail Technologies. We are going to introduce several new existing technologies to Retail Business viz. Virtual Shopping, WifiCart, and Unmanned Outlets.

We are working towards the transformation of Retail Industry.

Stay tuned for the following developments.

  • IoT Outlet Monitoring and Control
  • WiFi  Cart –  A Journey  towards unmanned outlets.
  • AR/VR Virtual Shopping. Brings outlets to your mobile.
  • AI Customer Behaviour/Experience.
  • AI/DL Product Analytics
  • 24×7 Retail – 100% Available. Only  platform to support 24×7 , 365 days business