Retail Cloud, “OMNI RETAILER” , is integrated with host of payment options. At the moment, Omni Retailer supports the card payments in INDIA, EUROPE, and USA. PCI DSS compliant technology designed to providers for online payments.You just need to select Payment Options so that we can configure at Cloud Level.Since it is self serving Cloud, we encourage customers to know the Cloud Platform and manage themselves.

POS & Payment Partners

TechnoLabs POS/Outlet Management software is ported to popular Payment Devices so that it enhances customer experience. Now, it is single device for both Billing and Payments. TechnoLabs recommends All-In-One device for better Customer Experience. We do have small devices that can be used for Queue Busting.

Pine Labs

Both TechnoLabs and PineLabs partnered to rollout single device(s) for Retailers. Now, Retailers can use this device for managing their Outlets. What Retailers need is just internet connectivity. This is ideal for counters where transaction volumes don’t exceed more than 100/day. Works in both Online and Offline modes.

  • Inbuilt camera can be used for barcode scanning.
  • Battery operated and also has inbuilt Printer.
  • Very handy and take little or no space.

POS Payment Options – India

TechnoLabs integrated the MPOS devices from mSwipe. Christened as WisePAD, it supports Android, IOS and Windows platforms. WisePAD is connected via Bluetooth and has LCD display as well. Payments are bank agnostic and the device delivered at free of cost.

mSwipe also has the devices that can be connected to the Mobile or Tablet via Audio Jack. Supports both magnetic and Chip & Pin cards.

Ezetap produces very robust devices that support only ANDROID. The same device can be connected either through Audio Jack or via Bluetooth. Works with specific banks and the device can be delivered at free of cost. Soon, EzeTap is going to support IOS as well.

TechnoLabs POS is integrated with PayTM by using dynamic QR Code mechanism. When the billing is made, it generates QR specific to that Bill Payment. End customer can transfer the money from his/her PayTM account to merchant account just by scanning the QR code displayed using electronic display. In other words, each payment transaction is associated with unique QR Code.